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You Are... is a profound book about honoring and celebrating YOU! Through twelve empowering messages, images, reflections, and practices you will be lovingly guided on a journey of self-discovery. Did you know that the life you want and the happiness you seek begin on the inside? The quality of your life starts with the quality of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Reading and spending time with these inspiring messages can help you feel more confident, reduce stress, make wise choices, appreciate yourself and others, and enjoy your life! This book is perfect for pre-teens, teens and adults who want to feel inspired and empowered.

You Are... is the first book in a three part series. Soon to follow are You Have… and You Can… The creation and sharing of these books comes from the belief that we are all valuable, abundant, capable and divine.
  • Feel more confident

  • Reduce stress

  • Make wise choices

  • Appreciate yourself and others

  • Enjoy your life

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How You Are… Came To Be

Since 1997 I have been living and teaching the amazing lessons of Yoga both on and off the mat....


"My daughters and I are enjoying this book so much. It’s inspiring to see their confidence increase and their ability to use the messages in all kinds of situations. Now anytime I’m feeling down, they remind me that I AM AMAZING and I AM POWERFUL!”
- Elysa J., Charlotte, NC
"This is such an incredible book of empowerment that anyone can appreciate. It is so beautifully written and illustrated. It teaches not only to recognize and appreciate one's own unique gifts, but to realize and appreciate that others have them as well. What a beautiful way to celebrate our existence in this world. Accompanying each message is a little meditation for kids/parents to follow that reinforces the message, which is a great way to introduce kids to this essential life skill. As a parent and and PTO member, my first instinct was that our schools would love this book. Copies will be ordered for our libraries and discussion is underway about how to incorporate this book into lessons and/ or hands-on workshops!”
- Megan H., Bridgewater, NJ
"This book is amazing! Every message reminds me something important about my self. And at the same time I seem to be getting along with other people better too."
- Tom R., Morristown, NJ
"Your book is excellent and the illustrations are truly inspiring. Thank you for helping me get into a great frame of mind each day."
- Joe R., Morris Plains, NJ
"The beautiful messages and illustrations in this book are appropriate for anyone seeking inspiration throughout daily life! My teenage daughter and I both read the book and found the affirmations to be very powerful and moving. We like to pick a random page for the day, and let the words and images speak to us like a good friend! An uplifting book that leaves you feeling happy and empowered over and over again!”
- Susan F., Bernardsville, NJ
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