About Us


The intention of this website is to offer inspiration and remind you that:


  • There is no limit to who you are and who you can become.

  • There is no limit to what you have and what you can create.

  • There is no limit to what you can do and what you can accomplish.



Chara, You Are… Author


I am a Mother and an Inspirer. Some of my favorite ways to share inspiration are through writing, instructing yoga and life programs, creating guided meditations and producing media with a message. I originally began writing You Are… for my two sons, Von and Zan. Soon into the process, I felt a knowing in my heart that said, “These messages are not only for your sons. They are for every child – every human being.” And so I felt guided, step by step, to create this book with my talented friend, Jodi. It comes from our hearts and the belief that we all are special, capable and divine.



Jodi, You Are… Illustrator

I am a mixed media artist and love my work as an art teacher. The photographs are of my son, Bowie, and myself in our work space. He is a miracle. His presence inspires me and reminds me that all things are possible with God. I hope the paintings delight you, provoke your imagination and carry you to a new place within yourself.

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We believe that when a person really knows who they are, what they have, and what they can do…he/she is naturally inspired to encourage, uplift and help rather than criticize, put down, or harm.” Chara & Jodi

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