How You Are… Came To Be


Since 1997 I have been living and teaching the amazing lessons of Yoga both on and off the mat. I am so grateful to my teachers and for the many insights I discovered along the way about myself and our world. In 2008, Gil and I got married…and soon after, we discovered we were going to be blessed with our first son, Von Kai. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to share all the wonderful things I had learned with him. It was a busy time, so I prayed for a simple format that could hold the depth and breadth of what I wanted to say. Then it came to me…

What I want my child (and now children) to know most of all is who they are, what they have and what they can do! Soon into the writing process, I received a message in my heart that said, “These messages are for every child…every person.” And so I felt guided, step by step, to trust in the creative process.

Between selling a home, buying a home, moving twice and becoming the proud momma of my second son, Zan Aven, I wrote whenever I had a moment. As You Are… began to take shape, I knew the words needed to be supported by extraordinary images. And I knew just who to call! Within one meeting, my dear and talented friend, Jodi Bonthron, became my creative partner in this endeavor. She has her own divine inspiration too…her son, Bowie James! We worked together for the next year and a half getting all our elements completed. Then, with the help of our wonderful designer, Yolanda Fundora, and our web designer, Thomas Roman, and the support of all our family and friends, our first book, You Are… went public on January 21, 2014!

We are so excited to share it with you!

By Chara Rodriguera

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